Tuesday, March 10, 2009

nutrition for body

well today i want to talk about eating healthy for all the young kids and teen ages and post natal pre natal mom s and general population and fitnes competitior.

many people do not kno this but eating mac donalds every meal is a bad idea for health sake. i know that mac donals taste good and has good frie good beef and good ham burger. but you cannot eat mac donalds every day you will get fat and not be able to chieve dream!

i have babby that is almost hear so i was thinking about nut rition for babby i made up meal plan for babbys firts week it goes like like this:

9 am - babby eats protein shake and 3 chicken brest

12 noon - babby eat three chiken brest and also one cup spinach

3 pm - babby eat three serving penut buter and also protein shake

6 pm - babby drink 4 cup whole milk eat 4 cups pine nuts

9 pm - babby take creatine supple ment babby eat large tossed salid babby eat two chicken brest

12 midnite - babby drink mussel milk shake before go to bed

this way babby will fuel for growing large mussel. also did U see any talk of mac donalds? no! no mac donals for babby babby will not eat mac donals it is bad.

which bring me to my final point. young kids, teenages pre natal mom post natal mom fitness competition general population U needd to eat less mac donalds and eat more protein for mussle.

so that brings me to last point. remember these three things about nutirion. first, do not eat mac donald. third make sure you eat much healthy proteins for mussel and strength.

until next post in web space go buck eyes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

achieve the dream

today i want to talk a little a bit about achieving dream. the reson i am talking a little bit about achieving dream is simple and the reason is because sometimes people think that it is too hard so they dont ever try.

you have to try there is noway around it you havwe to try you have to want it you havwe to need it you HAVE to be willing to pour blood and sweat and tears and blood on the ground the get your dream make it a reality.

let me tell you a little story about my first day as boston patriot. i got drafted which was a big dream and then everything seemed so big and i felt like i was a nobody nuthing. i was a little bit scared by the size of everything i know that you are thiniking this guy is the big katz he has neck mussels like an old tree trunk and his arms are thick as a bao constricter that is old has lived in the jungle for a vary long time and is vary thick. butr the facts are true i was scareda little bit when i got drafted. do you know how i got threw it do you know how i made my dream not just a dream but a reality of life? PASSION. do u think i played football for money or fame or hot pre natal wife? no. do you think i satrted lift jim for money or cash or famousness or how pre natal wife? NO. i started it because i want to help all the young kids and teenages and moms and fitness competitor and athlete and general population achieve dream because that is my dream.

so, you need these three things to achieve dream. first you need passion you need desire you have to want it more than any thing beacuse if you don t want it then what do you want? you want nothing. secondly what you need is work ethic to match passion ethic. i kno that i say this all the time but you have to work really hard to get what you want if you dont want it fine then dont work hard but if you want it you need to work hard harder maybe thwan U think U can work but that is why it is dream it is hard to get hard to achieve but if you work hard and you have muh psssion dream will come tru.

so always remember that nothing is easy and it doesnt matter how big ur arm mussels are everybody has same fewelings of being scared at the begiining but u gotta fight thru it to achieve dream.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the bro hammer

well last time i told you that i would write a story this time about when i used to play for the buckeyes. well here that story is. i call this stroy the bro hammer for three reasons: first of all it is about the bro hammer and second of all it involves good tiems with some of my very best bros.

ok so the story goes like this, in 1998 that was my last year of playing for the buckeyes. after that i wanted to go play pro football and i got drafted by patriots in the first round that was a pretty special moment for me and all my family members and especially my mom and dad and also myself because it was always my dream to play pro football. anyway this story isn't about that.

deuring the summer, are summer work outs are hard not easy. you sweat a lot and you work hard because the season is coming upo and you need to be bigger stronger faster meaner harder meaner ready to go for the season. but also you spend alo t of time around other guys on the team so it is also some serious bonding time and thats good for not just the team but also the team as a squad of football players who are ready for season and getting physical.

that summer we had this thing that we would do where you would bsically come up behind another guy and knee them in the butt really hard and yell bro hammer ! at the top of your lungs. probably one of the funneist things tht i can remember because you would do it hard to make the other guy really feel it. this was when i played wit joe germaine what a guy amazing acuracy also joe was a reel ladies man which is funn y because he seems like sort of a sissy at first but he is one smooth kat in the bar or in the club or just anywher e really this also includes just general populatin mingling with them as well. some times i still see joe and we alsways talk about bro hammer together and laugh.

anayway joe started the bro hammer but i started it also we did it to all the guys no big deal rite? well one day we were in the shower and the punter brett bartholmew comes in and i get behind him and i give him the bro hammer really really really hard and i admidt maybe too hard bu i guess i just got carried way. it really hurt him and he slumped over and then coach cooper came into the shower and was like what the hell is going on here why is brett on the ground and why are you guys laughing this doesnt seem funny to me. and brett looked up and looked at coach cooper and said hy oach coop these guys gave mew the bro hammer and its really hurtin and coach cooper was like wht in god**** **** (i did this incase there are any kids or teen ages reading this blog) and joe said hey coach do you really want ot know what the bro hammer is and coach sais yeah joe show me what the bro hammer is and joe reall y gave it to him and pounded him with bro hammer. coach got really made and said **** ***** joe i said tell me what bro hammer is not show me what bro hammeri s by giving bro hammer! then he left the shower and breet was still on the floor complaining cause he wa sthe punter and not the toughest guy on the team. couldn't handle bro hammer.

good times.

Friday, February 27, 2009

lifting waits

lifting weights is one of the best things you can do for your body and it its also a great thing to do for you mind. remeber how i told all of you on my first web log that i wanted to use nthis sight to be an inspiraton to all the young kids and teenages?

well, at lift gym we see lots of types of people coming into to lift gym. people like youth athlete body builder pre natal mom post natal mom and general population. whenerver i see someone that is new come into lift gym i always say to them the following 3 things: first you gotta work hard if you really want it if you dont want it dont work hard but there is now way around the fact tht working hard is the only way to get what U really want so you got to work hard in lift gym. seond i tell them to follow theie dreams and i say look at me i used to be professional football player that was my dream i followed it.

so it doesnt matter if you areyouth athlete buddybuilder pre natatal mom post natal mom or generl popualtion you always have to work hard if you want to make it so thats what i want to say to all the youing kids and teenagers oput there that might be reading this web log. to all the young kids and teenagers out there reading this we blog i just want ot say dont forget to work hard and tof follow your dream if you really want it in the world.

well thats all i have to say for today usually on the weekends i dont think i plan to post anyhting but i think come monday i might have a story that i will post and write about that you might be a little bit interested in reading. so to all you young kids and teen ages and general population and pre natal moms i will say the poitnof this post was to inspire you liek i do at the gym if u really want it go out and get it.

until the next time i am on this web log, go buckeyes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update about my life

Alright so many people have probably ben worndering a little bit about some of the things that i'm doing everyday now that i'm not playing football anymore for the ohio State buckeyes or the Boston patriots.

Well, after i got done playing football for boston in the nfl, i was alittle bit lost in thew world. my mom called me and she said to me andy, i bet you feel a little bit lost in the world. i told her mom i feel a little bit lost in the world right now i have always played football but now i don think that im going to play foootball anymore.

so after that i quit playing football. i was hurt. let me tell you three things about changing your life. first changing your life is not easy it is very hard an unfair an yuou know how it goes. number two hing is that it is really hard to change your lifestyle to make it different than it was before becaus sometimes u are used to one thing and then boom another thing come along and you can't make the change that you want to make the change.

that broings me to my next point. in my life i own a personal training gym in westerville. it is called LIFT gym. life imprivment functional training. that sounds like something an astronaught would go threw, you know ? but this personal trainignisn't for astronaughts it is for normal people like you know everyday people who have kids or drive pickup trucks. at lift gym we want you to build better you.

i love seeing people acheive their goals their have set for themselves and i am glad that i am can helpthem achieve their goals their have set for themselves. aslo i live to give people tips on weightligting and training liek did you know that is false for us to think that fat in our diet turn to fat in our bodies and also that best time to train three hours after waking up because tersterone highest in body then.

so that is what i am doing rite now with my life. also i have married a wife she is very pretty girl myb girl of my dreams . we w work together at LIFT gym, which is good place to work out if you are athlete bodybuilder fitness comptitor post natal mother or just general population .

here is link

ok so that is all for today. until tommorow remember these three things: go buckeyes and don't forget to work at achieving your dreams.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stanly Jackson

So i said I was going to write some stories about being a buckeyes football player for ohio state so, hear goes one.

Alot of people don't know how nice of a guy stanley jackson is. Stanly Jackson is a really nice guy. My freshamna year I came to Ohio state with my eyes closed. College is a big change in life. No mom telling you what to do, no dad yelling at you and all that stuff. No mom cooking you food like ribs or chicken or spaghetti. Its way different. You can stay up late and have girls that spend the night. It was great but I was also a bit sad because you know I missed my mom and my dad sometimes. But my parents lived really close to me in Westerville, Oh which is close to the Ohio stat University campus so, like i said, it wasn't too bad you know.

Anyway, this is in 1996 and I show up and stanley Jackson is there too. August was really hot that year but august is usually hot also.If you have ever been to ohio you know that august is really hot and humid and all the drass dies and the ground is brown. anyway in 1996 stanly jackson and i were both youung kids just starting out at playing football in college. footbll in College is way different than Football in high s chool because most guys are biger stronger faster meaner tougher and hit harder.

We were practicing one day and you know this but stanly jackson was a quarterback. during practice i really cracked him and he got mad. and i said hey stanly this is football not dancing maybe u shouldnt be such a nacny boy. the coaches seperated us a loittle but but i didnt meen anything im just the type of guy that loves to krak other guys it is my nature it was how i was raised you know.

Later in the locker room stanly and i were talking and he says it is cool man i know you were just trying ot go out there and get the job down. i and i said good stanly U are a nice guy and I love being friends with all my teramates because that is great for team unity and togetherness and wiining. but stanly also saiud, big katz i am going to get you back someoday.

like two weeks later Im getting up in the mornign from the dorm and ther eis a knock and at the door. i open it and stanly jackson is standing there with a bucket of bananaa pudding and he throws it on me. this is like a 20 pound bucket fully of banan pudding. it gets all over me and all the guys are behing d= him laughing and hooting and also hollering it up. i was drenched it banana pudding and it ruined my favorite shirt. my favorite shirt was this old shirt i got from being on the high school football team when i was a freshman in high school. so i was pretty sad. the guys picked up on it and started to call me some names, like joking an stuff.

my nickname afterwards was nanner puss.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why hello to every body in the web space.

Good morning my name is Andy. Some of you people might remember me from when i was a football player at Ohio State university in columbus, Ohio. i also played football for the boston patriots for awhile. My professional career was good but it was also short sometimes people don't realize how hard it is to be a prfoessional thlete! You know sometimes stuff like that happens and you know sometimes that is ok. I made some nice friends liek with coach Belicheck and also another ohio sate University football player named mike varabel.

This is my first blog post in my entire life so i just want to say, daer visitors it is nice to meat all of you I'm really glad you are hear.

I want to tell you why I satrted this blog. I started this blog for three reasons. first, i wanted to start this blog to let all the kids out there no that it is ok to have dreams. second I wanted to start this blog too give sum of my knowledge to some of my fans and friends.

I will be posting in this blow i think every day so please come and read it from time to time if you aren't to busy with working or having kids or doing other things that are important in life that you have to do. sometimes i will tell stories about my days as a buckeyes on this web blog and i think you will like to enjoy to read them.

so i'm sure that many of you guys are wanting to know what i'm doing with my life. well, i'll tell you wht i'm doing with my life i am getting my degree from otterbian uiversity of ohio and i'm going to be a businessman one day. i alsowant to sell reel estate.

so that is it. if you haven't noticed the name of this e blog is andykatzenmoyer's big katz big dreams e blogs. so, untill tomoroorw i say good night and let's go buckeyes.