Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update about my life

Alright so many people have probably ben worndering a little bit about some of the things that i'm doing everyday now that i'm not playing football anymore for the ohio State buckeyes or the Boston patriots.

Well, after i got done playing football for boston in the nfl, i was alittle bit lost in thew world. my mom called me and she said to me andy, i bet you feel a little bit lost in the world. i told her mom i feel a little bit lost in the world right now i have always played football but now i don think that im going to play foootball anymore.

so after that i quit playing football. i was hurt. let me tell you three things about changing your life. first changing your life is not easy it is very hard an unfair an yuou know how it goes. number two hing is that it is really hard to change your lifestyle to make it different than it was before becaus sometimes u are used to one thing and then boom another thing come along and you can't make the change that you want to make the change.

that broings me to my next point. in my life i own a personal training gym in westerville. it is called LIFT gym. life imprivment functional training. that sounds like something an astronaught would go threw, you know ? but this personal trainignisn't for astronaughts it is for normal people like you know everyday people who have kids or drive pickup trucks. at lift gym we want you to build better you.

i love seeing people acheive their goals their have set for themselves and i am glad that i am can helpthem achieve their goals their have set for themselves. aslo i live to give people tips on weightligting and training liek did you know that is false for us to think that fat in our diet turn to fat in our bodies and also that best time to train three hours after waking up because tersterone highest in body then.

so that is what i am doing rite now with my life. also i have married a wife she is very pretty girl myb girl of my dreams . we w work together at LIFT gym, which is good place to work out if you are athlete bodybuilder fitness comptitor post natal mother or just general population .

here is link

ok so that is all for today. until tommorow remember these three things: go buckeyes and don't forget to work at achieving your dreams.


  1. andy i have question about working out - do i put creatine into my drink or do i shoot it into my bottom? thanks ill hangup and lisin

  2. This is way too good to be true. Damn you WLA for making my head hurt.

  3. Who are the Boston Patriots?