Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stanly Jackson

So i said I was going to write some stories about being a buckeyes football player for ohio state so, hear goes one.

Alot of people don't know how nice of a guy stanley jackson is. Stanly Jackson is a really nice guy. My freshamna year I came to Ohio state with my eyes closed. College is a big change in life. No mom telling you what to do, no dad yelling at you and all that stuff. No mom cooking you food like ribs or chicken or spaghetti. Its way different. You can stay up late and have girls that spend the night. It was great but I was also a bit sad because you know I missed my mom and my dad sometimes. But my parents lived really close to me in Westerville, Oh which is close to the Ohio stat University campus so, like i said, it wasn't too bad you know.

Anyway, this is in 1996 and I show up and stanley Jackson is there too. August was really hot that year but august is usually hot also.If you have ever been to ohio you know that august is really hot and humid and all the drass dies and the ground is brown. anyway in 1996 stanly jackson and i were both youung kids just starting out at playing football in college. footbll in College is way different than Football in high s chool because most guys are biger stronger faster meaner tougher and hit harder.

We were practicing one day and you know this but stanly jackson was a quarterback. during practice i really cracked him and he got mad. and i said hey stanly this is football not dancing maybe u shouldnt be such a nacny boy. the coaches seperated us a loittle but but i didnt meen anything im just the type of guy that loves to krak other guys it is my nature it was how i was raised you know.

Later in the locker room stanly and i were talking and he says it is cool man i know you were just trying ot go out there and get the job down. i and i said good stanly U are a nice guy and I love being friends with all my teramates because that is great for team unity and togetherness and wiining. but stanly also saiud, big katz i am going to get you back someoday.

like two weeks later Im getting up in the mornign from the dorm and ther eis a knock and at the door. i open it and stanly jackson is standing there with a bucket of bananaa pudding and he throws it on me. this is like a 20 pound bucket fully of banan pudding. it gets all over me and all the guys are behing d= him laughing and hooting and also hollering it up. i was drenched it banana pudding and it ruined my favorite shirt. my favorite shirt was this old shirt i got from being on the high school football team when i was a freshman in high school. so i was pretty sad. the guys picked up on it and started to call me some names, like joking an stuff.

my nickname afterwards was nanner puss.

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  1. Your nickname was "nanner puss"? Wow, what a coincidence, my nickname in college was "strawberry pussy," which is soooooo close to your nickname! Small world, huh?