Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why hello to every body in the web space.

Good morning my name is Andy. Some of you people might remember me from when i was a football player at Ohio State university in columbus, Ohio. i also played football for the boston patriots for awhile. My professional career was good but it was also short sometimes people don't realize how hard it is to be a prfoessional thlete! You know sometimes stuff like that happens and you know sometimes that is ok. I made some nice friends liek with coach Belicheck and also another ohio sate University football player named mike varabel.

This is my first blog post in my entire life so i just want to say, daer visitors it is nice to meat all of you I'm really glad you are hear.

I want to tell you why I satrted this blog. I started this blog for three reasons. first, i wanted to start this blog to let all the kids out there no that it is ok to have dreams. second I wanted to start this blog too give sum of my knowledge to some of my fans and friends.

I will be posting in this blow i think every day so please come and read it from time to time if you aren't to busy with working or having kids or doing other things that are important in life that you have to do. sometimes i will tell stories about my days as a buckeyes on this web blog and i think you will like to enjoy to read them.

so i'm sure that many of you guys are wanting to know what i'm doing with my life. well, i'll tell you wht i'm doing with my life i am getting my degree from otterbian uiversity of ohio and i'm going to be a businessman one day. i alsowant to sell reel estate.

so that is it. if you haven't noticed the name of this e blog is andykatzenmoyer's big katz big dreams e blogs. so, untill tomoroorw i say good night and let's go buckeyes.


  1. Nice e-blog. I hope you post something about how not to get AIDs. Good luck.

  2. This is a really great eblog andy! I'm glad to see you learned how to read :)

  3. Oh God, this is gonna be a great off-season