Friday, March 6, 2009

achieve the dream

today i want to talk a little a bit about achieving dream. the reson i am talking a little bit about achieving dream is simple and the reason is because sometimes people think that it is too hard so they dont ever try.

you have to try there is noway around it you havwe to try you have to want it you havwe to need it you HAVE to be willing to pour blood and sweat and tears and blood on the ground the get your dream make it a reality.

let me tell you a little story about my first day as boston patriot. i got drafted which was a big dream and then everything seemed so big and i felt like i was a nobody nuthing. i was a little bit scared by the size of everything i know that you are thiniking this guy is the big katz he has neck mussels like an old tree trunk and his arms are thick as a bao constricter that is old has lived in the jungle for a vary long time and is vary thick. butr the facts are true i was scareda little bit when i got drafted. do you know how i got threw it do you know how i made my dream not just a dream but a reality of life? PASSION. do u think i played football for money or fame or hot pre natal wife? no. do you think i satrted lift jim for money or cash or famousness or how pre natal wife? NO. i started it because i want to help all the young kids and teenages and moms and fitness competitor and athlete and general population achieve dream because that is my dream.

so, you need these three things to achieve dream. first you need passion you need desire you have to want it more than any thing beacuse if you don t want it then what do you want? you want nothing. secondly what you need is work ethic to match passion ethic. i kno that i say this all the time but you have to work really hard to get what you want if you dont want it fine then dont work hard but if you want it you need to work hard harder maybe thwan U think U can work but that is why it is dream it is hard to get hard to achieve but if you work hard and you have muh psssion dream will come tru.

so always remember that nothing is easy and it doesnt matter how big ur arm mussels are everybody has same fewelings of being scared at the begiining but u gotta fight thru it to achieve dream.


  1. 1) Work Hard
    2) ??
    3) Achieve dream!

  2. Thank you so much for that, Big Katz. I'm crying a little, you've really touched me.

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