Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the bro hammer

well last time i told you that i would write a story this time about when i used to play for the buckeyes. well here that story is. i call this stroy the bro hammer for three reasons: first of all it is about the bro hammer and second of all it involves good tiems with some of my very best bros.

ok so the story goes like this, in 1998 that was my last year of playing for the buckeyes. after that i wanted to go play pro football and i got drafted by patriots in the first round that was a pretty special moment for me and all my family members and especially my mom and dad and also myself because it was always my dream to play pro football. anyway this story isn't about that.

deuring the summer, are summer work outs are hard not easy. you sweat a lot and you work hard because the season is coming upo and you need to be bigger stronger faster meaner harder meaner ready to go for the season. but also you spend alo t of time around other guys on the team so it is also some serious bonding time and thats good for not just the team but also the team as a squad of football players who are ready for season and getting physical.

that summer we had this thing that we would do where you would bsically come up behind another guy and knee them in the butt really hard and yell bro hammer ! at the top of your lungs. probably one of the funneist things tht i can remember because you would do it hard to make the other guy really feel it. this was when i played wit joe germaine what a guy amazing acuracy also joe was a reel ladies man which is funn y because he seems like sort of a sissy at first but he is one smooth kat in the bar or in the club or just anywher e really this also includes just general populatin mingling with them as well. some times i still see joe and we alsways talk about bro hammer together and laugh.

anayway joe started the bro hammer but i started it also we did it to all the guys no big deal rite? well one day we were in the shower and the punter brett bartholmew comes in and i get behind him and i give him the bro hammer really really really hard and i admidt maybe too hard bu i guess i just got carried way. it really hurt him and he slumped over and then coach cooper came into the shower and was like what the hell is going on here why is brett on the ground and why are you guys laughing this doesnt seem funny to me. and brett looked up and looked at coach cooper and said hy oach coop these guys gave mew the bro hammer and its really hurtin and coach cooper was like wht in god**** **** (i did this incase there are any kids or teen ages reading this blog) and joe said hey coach do you really want ot know what the bro hammer is and coach sais yeah joe show me what the bro hammer is and joe reall y gave it to him and pounded him with bro hammer. coach got really made and said **** ***** joe i said tell me what bro hammer is not show me what bro hammeri s by giving bro hammer! then he left the shower and breet was still on the floor complaining cause he wa sthe punter and not the toughest guy on the team. couldn't handle bro hammer.

good times.


  1. I couldn't even finish reading this post. If you learn how to spell and/or write complete sentences, that would be a step in the right direction.

  2. Great story Big Katz, keep 'em coming. Long time reader, first time caller.

  3. These still crack me up after all this time. Bro Hammer!!!

  4. C'mon Big Katz. This is some of the greatest stuff on the internet. Don't let the haters bring you down. We need more stories, more nutritional advice, more life advice from a great buckeye. Thanks for your effort and please don't stop. If you need ideas here's one. Let us in on some of the hot pre natal women!